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A Morning in Berlin (by Visualtricks)


A Morning in Berlin (by Visualtricks)

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do you think Ramin makes a good Valjean? I haven't seen him so I can't really comment on it, but I can't envision him as Valjean past the fugitive parts. So only the first twenty minutes of the show :P

I have seen him in the role twice now. Honestly, he’s not my favorite Valjean. (I don’t really have a long list of favorite Valjeans, although I do really like Peter Lockyer and he is now playing the role in the West End so good for him!!). 

I think Ramin was right when he told Cameron Mackintosh he thought he peaked after he played Marius and Enjolras, and that there wasn’t much else for him to do in the show aside from MAYBE playing Javert, and I would agree that Javert would probably be a better fit for him.

But, I mean, I can’t really complain - he knows how to carry a show, and he has the voice for a show that’s so vocally demanding of its lead. I really do think he peaked as Enjolras in the 25th anniversary production and I can understand why he would want to, in some ways, step back from the show after that but I’m still happy he continued on with some convincing. tbh he can do anything, idc. next he should play cosette, just keep it coming. 

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Favorite People » Ramin Karimloo

All I can do is get myself ready for the moment when I step onstage. The rest – who knows? You can’t play endgame; the journey is far more exciting than the destination.”
#fuck you
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I love that I get a journalist’s perspective about the crazy things going on in Ohio :)

yeah, it’s a pretty crazy story and I actually sort of knew him, and by “sort of” I mean I knew him through mutual friends. He went to my university. And since I still live in my college town, I’m hearing things ~on the street~ about how he got jumped and thrown in the Dumpster, etc., etc. but that’s not verifiable, AND he was found with a lot of his personal possessions still on him. (But I guess his phone was signaling somewhere in the Tremont area of Cleveland, although not sure if that was when the Dumpster was moving or not)

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and then today the coroner’s office was like “yeah ok we’ll let you know things” and then literally one news site got the info (luckily it was just that the autopsy was non-conclusive, so nothing major) and when co-worker Daniel pulled up the story and told me I went into full on rage mode and he was like “WHOA RELAX they didn’t just cross you they crossed all of northern ohio except for one paper, ok, don’t take it personally???” but i swear to god I hate dealing with sources out of town because i don’t know how to work with them and there’s no loyalty there and they can screw you over and not give a fuck. today was rough. 

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This story is the weirdest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait until every detail comes out.

everyone seems to be running with this trash chute theory and now, even when the police are like “LOL NEVERMIND” no one is letting it go. they confirmed today the Dumpster he was found in was the same Dumpster over at Progressive Field. Today they told me he would have had to climb through the chute, and there would have been no way for him to fall~ into it. And climbing into it seems pretty unlikely. So it’s all very weird. But there didn’t seem to be any new leads today, although now they’re filtering most of the info through Cleveland PD’s public information officer and it’s super annoying. 

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the Cleveland detectives are fucking useless with this missing person story that turned into a “body found in landfill” story.

at first when i spoke to them they were like “yes, we have this theory he fell down a trash chute!” and then later today they were like “ok backup. impossible. he…literally could not do that”

although the best was on Monday when I called the detectives and I was like “what can you tell me about this/what is new” and the guy was like “…I don’t know. Do you know anything?” LITERALLY THAT IS WHAT HE SAID. I hung up after my interview~ and just had to take a moment and think about the people we trust to protect us and keep us from harm. what the fuck. just what on earth. 

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I was on the phone with my mom today and she was like “yeah I have read The Hunchback of Notre Dame twice in my life” and when I started to talk to her about it she was like “oh hannah I didn’t retain that” mother you studied literature omg. 

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I don’t trust the media, too many acronyms.  what does cnn stand for?  literally no one knows the answer

cable news network

could be.  literally no one knows

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Ensemble of Les Misérables Broadway  → Erin Clemons

Ensemble, Éponine u/s

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WHAT A DAY WHAT A DAY of dealing with grieving people and fighting with the coroner’s office

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samantha barks + frances ruffelle

I feel quite proud about it (25th anniversary concert of les mis), and it was wonderful to see Samantha Barks, who played Eponine that night, and is the same age I was when I played it. I felt quite motherly towards her.”

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Uhhhhhh naya got married? …ok

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