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so i definitely have snapping hip syndrome/dancer’s hip in my right hip and all the activity I did this weekend really flared it up to the point it got painful and basically I am an 80-year-old 

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Tommen is amazing in the books

he’s hysterical 

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Tommen is my new favorite because every description of him in the books notes how chunky he is and tbh if you’re a little kid you better be chunky or else what’s the point

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Look at my nails omfg

How did you take that photo?!?




Look at my nails omfg

How did you take that photo?!?


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the town I live in has a coffee shop/used bookstore and it’s, like, the go-to place for coffee. Well, a Northwest Ohio coffee chain put one of its stores downtown a couple months ago and now ANOTHER local coffee shop is opening up and people are getting pissed. Like, you know you live in a pretentious place when people are getting mad about locally owned shops having competition with new locally owned shops. 

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"The sky ain’t falling just yet."

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on the way back Celine Dion came on Joan’s playlist so we turned it up and three of us were going to town (“‘CAUSE LOVE’S GONNA CONQUER IT ALL! ALLLLLLL!”) and after we were done LeAnna was giving us really disturbed looks and she finally said “was that a white girl song? because I didn’t know it”

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I was trying to talk my friends into brunch before we left the city and it seemed to be going well until we pulled up to an IHOP and I guess the disappointment was evident in my face because Chelsea was like “you really just wanted an excuse to day drink didn’t you.”

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lol it really bums me out that there’s so much talk over how Joffrey “wants Robb Stark’s head!!!!” and they actually end up killing him every time I read that I’m just like…do we need to rub this in 

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I think I’ll just become a full-time asoiaf blog bc at least with that I know never to hope for anything ever

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